Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I send my sponsored child gifts?

Yes! Please send all gifts to the Globe International office at 8590 Hwy 98 West Pensacola, FL 32506 and note it for Children of Destiny Nicaragua and the child's name.

What kind of gifts can I send?

You can send books, toys, clothes, movies, crafts, etc. If you have a question about a certain gift, please email

Can I send candy?

Yes, you can send candy just make sure that it is hard candy so that it does not melt.

Can I send electronics?

No, please do not send electronics. The children's home has electronics that the children are allowed to use but personal electronics are not permitted (phones, tablets, dvd players, mp3). The exception is headphones.

How much is a full sponsorship?

A child is considered fully sponsored at $200.

Can I give less than $200?

Absolutely! The full amount can be from one sponsor, or it may be multiple people that make up the total of $200. The recommended minimum is $35.

Can I send pictures of my family?

Yes, please do! The children love receiving pictures of their sponsors and will hang them up in their rooms.

Will my sponsored child write letters to me?

Yes! Your sponsored child will send at least 2 letters per year with either an updated photo or craft made especially for you

Can I FaceTime or call my sponsored child?

Absolutely! If your sponsored child feels comfortable doing a call, this can be arranged by our staff. Please message our Facebook page "Children of Destiny Nicaragua" for more information.

Can I find out what my sponsored child might want as a gift?

Yes! Please message our Facebook page "Children of Destiny Nicaragua" for more information. If you do not have Facebook, please send an email to

Can I send my sponsored child money?

Yes. You may send cash up to $10. Please note the child's name with the gift.

What happens if my sponsored child leaves?

If your sponsored child leaves, we will contact you and let you know after this happens.
You will then have the opportunity to end your sponsorship or choose another child to sponsor.

How can I sponsor a child?

You can sponsor a child by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.