There are almost always projects we hope to accomplish, some to refurbish existing property and some to add to better the home overall. Supporters have generously provided for everything that exists at CODN big and small. From the actual building itself down to the swing set our children enjoy during their free time. You can be a part of this area of the ministry by sponsoring the materials and labor to complete a project.

Another way our projects are supported are by our short term missions groups/volunteers who come themselves to assist with small projects. There are constantly small projects to be done that are beneficial to the home that we just aren’t able to accomplish due to not having time or funds to buy materials/pay for labor. We sometimes coordinate with groups to assist us in this area by providing the funds for materials and performing the labor themselves. Projects range from a wide variety of different things around the home and in the surrounding community. You can find out more information below.


There are many different kinds of projects that can be done on a mission trip to Children of Destiny Nicaragua. There are projects for the Children’s Home as well as projects in the community. All projects are subject to change. Please use our project list for the latest information.

No! There are a lot of projects that can be done over a span of time, like painting. Our price key will show you the project total, if it were finished entirely. However, many projects require special skills and would need to be completed entirely by one group.

Yes! You can absolutely donate to our project fund.  To do so, at the giving portal select “Building Fund”

Community projects are dependent on the need. We have had teams before that have done construction projects at some of our employees’ homes as well as working in the local dump building a house. All of these projects are coordinated through our leadership team and local church if needed.