Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the max team size I can bring?


Is there WI-FI available on site in Jinotega?


Do I need any special shots or vaccinations before coming?

No. Check with the CDC website and your local healthcare provider for recommendations, but Nicaragua and CODN do not currently require any shots.

Can I use US dollars in Nicaragua?

Yes. Bills over $20 are not recommended and may not be accepted by all vendors.

How much is a full sponsorship?

A child is considered fully sponsored at $200.

Where will I be staying as a volunteer?

CODN has private volunteer quarters with it’s own bathroom.

Where will our team stay during our visit?

CODN has a comfortable team house on the property for teams and visitors.

Can I use a credit/debit card in Nicaragua?

Generally yes but you need to contact your bank/card issuer prior to international travel to unlock your card for international use. Please note that there is sometimes a service fee associated with using a card overseas. Ask your financial institution for details before traveling.

Can CODN provide translators for teams?

Yes! We will coordinate a proper ratio of translators as needed for visiting teams.

Can I post pictures of the kids on the internet/social media?

No. In order to comply with Government and social service policies no pictures/video of the children are permitted to be posted online. Feel free to take pictures to remember your trip and share those with friends/family/churches locally, just not online.

What do teams do?

The two main goals of teams that come to CODN are:

(1)To expose those coming on the team to international missions and to connect with the local church to serve surrounding communities.
(2)To expose those coming on the team to CODN to connect with the children and to build a relationship that will result in long term partnership and support.

Can the children from CODN be adopted?

Yes, it is possible. You would need to contact an adoption agency for all questions and guidance. CODN has no role in the adoption process.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers mainly serve by working shifts caring for the children in the orphanage. You will be filling in gaps in the schedule when our full time employees take of for vacation, sick days, etc… Volunteers can also serve in other capacities depending on your abilities such as, teaching English class, teaching music class, maintenance, farming, driving, etc...

How long can I volunteer for?

Anywhere from three months to one year. You are welcome to schedule a visit but we do not accept volunteers for less than three months. We are not currently accepting volunteers.