All of our ministry support comes from donors like you.

Your monthly support allows us to feed, clothe, house and educate all the children at the home. Child Sponsorship not only provides the ministry financial support, but gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child.
Our sponsorship program covers basic costs to provide 24/7 care (home, food, clothing, medical and educational needs) to all of the children in the home. Sponsors have a direct line of communication with their sponsored child through visits, gifts, letters and video calls.
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  • Darian came to our center on May 4, 2018. He arrived with dirty clothes and looked scared, but when he entered the center he got very excited because the first thing he saw was the soccer field and he loves to play ball! Darian is a charming young boy and participates very well in activities and chores.
  • Yosi Mari is the perfect definition of spunk. Even though she is young, she has a great personality and is very independent. She loves to have fun and play with animals. Some of her favorite things to do are play outside on the trampoline, play with her dolls and stuffed animals and to play games on the basketball court. Her favorite foods are typical Nicaraguan foods such as chicken, rice, beans and a special cheese. She is a joy to be around and keeps us laughing!
  • Alondra is an intelligent, bright girl and she seems much older when you get to know her personality. She is responsible in her chores and schoolwork. She enjoys being in the marching band at school, and participating in parades. She is also artistic and loves to draw and design fashion!
  • Iris came to live at the Children's Home in July of 2016. When she arrived, she was reunited with her older sister Leydi who has been in the home for a few years. Iris loves to do all the things little girls love to do. She enjoys riding bikes, skating and playing with dolls. She gets excited when talking about school and said that her favorite subject is Math. She is full of energy and is very well spoken for her age. She always has a smile and is a joy to be around.
  • Heydi truly has a servant's heart. She helps out everyone in the home from the kitchen staff to the younger girels. She loves the color pink and is organized, obedient, and hard-working. She is very smart, and applies herself well. In her free time she likes to take a nap or play card games.
  • Denia is a sweet and outgoing girl. She carries herself well with respect for others and caring for everyone. She likes to go to school and learn new things. She attends private school and is at the top of her class! Denia is the first to listen and the first to offer help. Her smile brightens up every room she walks in.
  • Maria Rubi first arrived at the home very shy and did not follow the rules very well. She entered school this year and has a very nice ability to draw and paint with markers. She is a beautiful brunette girl, with brown eyes and black hair. She likes to eat American tacos, walk and do crafts and decorate all kinds of things. She now has a great outlook on her life and gets along well with everyone.
  • Katerine is an extroverted, conversational, cheerful and enthusiastic girl. She transitioned into the children's home very easily. She expresses feeling protected, loved and respected here. When she first arrived here, she was very underweight but has already began to put on weight and improve nutritionally . She is a girl who makes very fast friends and loves everyone .
  • Deysi is the definition of sweet. She constantly has a smile on her face and is giggling about something. Her favorite color is pink, and it is rare for her not to be wearing pink. Her mother works here in the orphanage and Deysi goes home to sleep but comes back and stays at the orphanage every day to be able to have good food to eat, a shower, and help with her homework and she also gets to be with her friends!
  • Leydi is a confident young girl. She likes to have cool braids in her hair everyday. She loves to goof off and you can always hear her laughing. She enjoys watching movies and spending time with the other girls.
  • Alison came to live with us in December of 2015 after being transferred from another Children's Home. She is full of personality and is always smiling. Alison loves to play with dolls, stuffed animals and roller-blade. She looks up to the older girls and loves to spend time with them. She is well mannered and is always doing the right thing!
  • Reina has a spirited personality. She is always running around and laughing in the home. She likes to help keep things clean and organized. Her favorite game to play is tag. She loves to watch Barbie movies with the other girls.
  • Maryuri came to live with us at the Children's Home October of 2016. Even depsite coming from a difficult situation, she always has a smile on her face. She is among the older girls in the home and loves to assist with cleaning and cooking. Her favorite things to do are draw, learn Math and pray!
  • Kenia is a very shy teenager. She does not like to speak or express her feelings very often. She is still in the stage of adapting and it has not been easy to integrate. She is very intelligent, likes to read and learn new things, and enjoys using the computer to learn. She prefers to spend time alone reading books or the bible.
  • Mari Luz is a lovely, sweet girl with a humble personality. She always loves to learn new things, and puts great effort into her schoolwork. She enjoys hanging out with her friends in the home, and singing worship songs in church.
  • When he first arrived at the orphanage, he was very confused, fearful and did not speak much other than shake his head yes or no to questions. At a slow determined pace Alfredo began to change, allowing himself to be loved and cared for. Over time he started smiling more and accepting being part of our family.Today, although he is still shy around strangers, he is a happy, kind, smiling, affectionate boy around those he has come to know. Alfredo's dream is to go to school to learn to read and write!
  • Ruth is full of energy and always has a smile on her face. Some of her favorite things to do are to play dress up and watch movies in the home. She loves making silly faces in pictures. When she gets older she wants to be a police officer so she can help keep other people safe.
  • When Carlos Ivan first came to the home he did not talk much to the other kids or to the adults. Now he has one of the most outgoing personalities around the home. He likes to help with anything he can, whether it be with the grocery shopping or any work around the home. He enjoys working with the animals and playing wiffle ball. He has a great throwing arm so he is always picked to be the pitcher. He is a very sweet boy and is a joy to be around.
  • Harvey is a very sweet, snaggle toothed little boy. You can always find him with a smile. His favorite thing to do is play with toy cars. He loves to ride bikes and play with toy motorcyles as well. His favorite food is chicken, rice and beans. He loves to play with the older children and to make them laugh.
  • Carlos came to live with us in October 2014. He is a very sweet and kind boy. Some of his favorite things to do are work outside and play sports with the other kids. Carlos is learning English and uses every opportunity to practice it. He also loves to go to school. His favorite subject is Math because he finds it easy.
  • Alba is a beautiful young girl that is thriving here in the home. She enjoys going to school and learning new things. Since she has been in the home she has learned how to skate and has encouraged the other kids to exercise more. Alba always has a sweet smile on her face.
  • Milton has a lot of energy. He is constantly in motion: hopping, running, dancing and spinning. He keeps everyone laughing, and enjoys making funny observations. Milton likes to paint and is very meticulous. He is detail oriented and orderly and has a knack for organization.
  • Adan is a clever, creative, smart, and organized child. He enjoys studying about new things. He is with us because he needed surgery for a malformation of his spine. We were able to get him the surgery he needed, and he is still growing each day. He loves playing with marbles, and helps out with the animals. He has two sisters who live with their mother but come to the children’s home every day.
  • When first arriving at the home Katty did not talk much and kept to herself. Now she laughs and plays all of the time. She likes to play and help the other children during her free time. Even though she would rather not do chores, she keeps a smile on her face and finds a way to make them fun. He favorite part about the children's home is getting to watch movies on the weekends.
  • Ezequiel is a boy that has a smile on his face at all times. He enjoys making people laugh especially when they are sad. He is very intelligent, loves to learn new languages and catches on very quickly. He listens well to adults and does his chores with a good attitude.
  • Leticia arrived at the Children's Home with a few more difficulties than most do. Not only is she from the mountains, but she is from the Miskito tribe people. When she arrived she did not speak any Spanish, only Miskito! Her langauge barrier has not stopped her from laughing, playing and learning to be a child again. She is picking up the Spanish language very quickly and is a very hard worker. She loves to play with the other kids and her favorite thing to snack on is a piece of ice!
  • Janiel likes to have fun and is clever, fun loving and outgoing. He loves helping the adults with the younger kids, and enjoys giving hugs. He can speak a basic amount of English, and likes to show this skill to others. He likes to play sports outside such as soccer.