Children of Destiny Nicaragua, Nicaragua, Sandy Carter, Globe International Nicaragua, Globe International, Feeding Programs, Orphanage, Jinotega

Children of Destiny Nicaragua, Nicaragua, Sandy Carter, Globe International Nicaragua, Globe International, Feeding Programs, Orphanage, Jinotega

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We currently have over 35 children in our orphanages and will soon be getting even more. As we are growing and as we have a growing desire to provide a better future for these children, we have found it necessary to find sponsors for our children. Therefore, we have started a sponsorship program.

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Sandy grew up in Colombia, South America, the daughter of New Tribes missionaries. She has worked with her family for many years in missions.

In 1998, Sandy and her family moved to Managua, Nicaragua to minister to poor and orphaned children. Her first project was to complete the construction of an orphanage in the mountain village of Jinotega, where she now oversees almost 40 children who live in a loving Christian home environment.

Her next vision was starting feeding programs located throughout the slum areas of Managua, Nicaragua’s capital. The programs employ local Nicaraguans to cook and local pastors to minister to the children. Her hope is to utilize the programs to start planting local churches and allow the churches to use it as an evangelism outreach. Her ultimate goal being to plant churches and make disciples.

More recently, she completed a beautiful infant orphanage that houses 11 infants who have been abandoned or orphaned at birth. The infant orphanage is set on a large piece of property that houses not only an orphanage for adolescent boys, but also an agricultural project to help support the orphanages and feeding programs.

Every year hundreds of people visit the work in Nicaragua through short term mission teams. The teams travel to Managua to help by giving their time, talents and faith through medical aid, clothing distribution, construction projects, and music, drama and outreach programs. Sandy built two team houses and a dining facility on the infant orphanage property to provide a safe and comfortable refuge for the visiting teams.

Sandy’s primary ministry emphasis is to bring the hope and life of Jesus Christ to Nicaragua’s impoverished and orphaned children and to raise these children to make a difference for Christ in their country.

Changing lives, one child at a time!

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Nicaraguan Children 
by Sandy Carter, 1998

Hungry children, Dirty children, Abandoned, expressionless children,
Children without one nurturing person, in their lives
Lonely children in a discarded society.

Street children, Slum children,
Children left alone all day in dark, empty shacks,
Children with no future, trapped in a cycle of death.

Lord Jesus, what can I do to bring Your light into these desperate young lives?
Their needs overwhelm me, Where do I begin?

By your grace I am here, available.
I will not shield my heart from the pain of their reality.
Let me feel as you do for them,
Let them live as I live; Through your grace,

Empowered by your Spirit.
Allow me Lord, to point them to you.

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